Revit Manager

We are just developing a Revit Plugin, it has a direct link with a full featured cad engine through a c++/cli wrapper, which is a qt based open source program so it is a native c++ application. I just recompiled it as an addin for revit. Unfortunately Revit has only .net api interface unlike autocad ObjectArx. My main objective is to generate from the 2D cad files to a 3D revit model with a minimum effort. We might add some AI capabilities by the time. The engine is providing with DXF files to be opened and editing. So it can be one to one mapping in terms of elements, layers as worksets in revit. It is still a baby project. it will help to the companies to expedite their workflows in terms of modeling, shop drawing generation etc. #bim #revit #ai #opensource #project #job

See video below:

Pipe and Structure Rename via text

Pipe and Structure Rename via text

BIMVertex programming its own plugins for both Revit and Civil3D. BIMVertex started to share the plugins in the Autodesk app page.

If you want to change STRUCTURE or PIPE names from AutodeskĀ® AutoCADĀ® TEXT or MTEXT format, this app will rename simply by selecting text and after selecting object.

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